Take Charge of Your Emotions through Qi Gong Healing

October 28, 2022 | MumAbroad Life Video Channel

Qi Gong is the art of mastering bodily movements that promote health. But what if you could use Qi Gong healing to solve emotional problems, stress and low self-esteem?

You can now access the principles of traditional Chinese medicine in a one-to-one or online coaching set-up wherever you are in the world.

Your teacher will be Qi Gong health coach Alessia Barbieri.

What is Qi Gong coaching?

Qi Gong a traditional Chinese art combining breathwork, posture and light exercise. The practise helps to strengthen the spinal column, which is said to be fundamental for the healthy of a person holistically.

The idea of wholeness is everything in Qi Gong healing.

If emotions or outside forces can make us ill, affect our emotions and sway our minds away from health, then Qi Gong coaching is about finding balance and directing our own destiny. In our interview, Alessia says Qi Gong coaching lets us master the ‘power that our thoughts and movements have on our health’.

How to work with Alessia Barbieri?

Alessia is a certified life coach and specialised in Qi Gong health coaching.

You can have one-to-one sessions combining Qi Gong and modern coaching practices. You can contact Alessia for a free 30-minute consultation call here: https://e-i-q.org/health-mental-coaching/

Alessia works with everyone from kids to 96-year-olds! She speaks English, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese and specialises with expat families and people globally mobile.

You can also purchase a 100-day online coaching programme that will let you take control of your emotions and your health. Find out more about the online course here: https://e-i-q.org/online-course/

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