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International School Advice in Spain & Portugal

Tendoria Education Consulting advise families on international schools and bilingual private Spanish schools in Madrid and Valencia and international schools, as well as bilingual and private Portuguese schools in the Lisbon region (including Cascais), Porto, the Algarve and the Silver Coast.

The most important things to consider when starting an international school search

*Curriculum – learning styles differ from one curriculum to another.
*School culture and community – your child’s school will likely be a social focal point for the family. A school which offers an engaged and active parent community will likely make it easier for new parents to integrate.
*Teachers – are they qualified and experienced, are they native speakers, is there a high turnover of teachers or is the environment stable?
*On a practical level:
1. Start your search as early as possible as in some cities, the popular schools fill up quickly.
2. Visit all of the schools you are interested in and ask detailed questions.
3. Keep in mind that what works for their friends, may not be right for their family.

Financial aspects to be taken into account

*Tuition: it usually includes books and materials but some schools may charge that separately
*School lunch/snacks: at some schools, this fee is mandatory
*Extra-curricular activities: some schools may not charge for activities, others will
*Transportation fee: if your child will take the school bus
*School trips may also be charged separately

Then there are the fees related to application and re-enrolment:
*Application fee: not all schools have one
*Registration fee: at some schools, these can be pricey. This fee is typically non-refundable.
*Re-enrolment fee: this fee is charged every year upon re-enrolment. Some schools then deduct this fee from the first term’s fees, others do not.

How Tendoria can help

Tendoria can help families with their school search. Their experts simplify the school search process for families by clarifying and structuring it. To identify the best schools, they speak with families to learn more about the children, their interests, academic ability and potentially any extra learning support needed. Understand family’s requirements such as location and fees.

Based on the profile they build for each family and child, they recommend the schools that would be best-suited BUT do not choose the school. That decision is always up to the family.

Services for students who need help with university options

Their university counsellors each have decades of experience guiding students through the university application process in countries across the globe. The typical 3 step process includes the following:
1. Exploring a student’s options: this includes discovering their interests, destination countries and potential courses and universities
2. Preparation phase: includes university visits, preparation for standardized tests and other exams and CV and personal statement drafting.
3. Submitting the applications

More information

Visit Tendoria’s website to find out more.

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