‘Transcreation’ translation services to capture a Spanish audience – with the Thinking Side

April 2, 2022 | MumAbroad Life Video Channel

“The sleeping shrimp is carried by the water current.”

If your translator came to you with this phrase, you’d have learnt the importance of transcreation.

(HINT: this is a literal translation of a Spanish proverb, more akin to ‘snooze, you lose’.)

Transcreation specialists go beyond translation to match concepts, taglines and – in the case above – well-known sayings to equivalents that resonate with a target audience.

Aída Ramos is a translation expert who helps clients translate their business ideas or marketing campaigns into Spanish. She’s also a certified sworn translator (passing a rigorous exam with 2-5% pass rates) so can translate all your certificates, applications and documentation into Spanish along the way.


Who is Aida Ramos, founder of The Thinking Side?

Aida Ramos is a translation expert with a degree in English and a Masters in Translation from Dublin City University.

She worked in Ireland, Luxembourg and India before returning to Madrid in 2007. She speaks English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Basque, German and Swedish.

She founded Thinking Side Language Services in 2012: https://www.thinkingside.com/en/.

She says the Thinking Side offers language support as well a cultural advice to navigate the Spanish market and context.

In this interview with leading expat network MumAbroad, Aida Ramos talks about the specialism of transcreation and how it can help you best reach a Spanish-speaking audience.


More Information

You can find more video interviews on MumAbroad’s YouTube channel here.

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