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November 16, 2023 | MumAbroad Life Video Channel

What school options are there in the UK?

Aside from state education (you need to be resident in the UK to be eligible) there is whole host of private, independent, prep and boarding schools to suit every need.

Boarding school options include:

  • full time boarding – home for half term and and end of term holidays
  • weekly boarding – board all week and go home at weekends
  • flexi boarding – go to school everyday but board for a few nights a week when it suits your timetable

What is the difference between A Levels & the IBDP?

A Levels have always been known for their depth of study while the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is renowned for its breadth. The UK has introduced the EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) which is similar to the IBDP Extended Essay – this is a piece of independent study in addition to A Levels.

The structure and depth of enquiry of A Levels may suit some students, particularly if they are going to apply for Medicine where the pure nature of study is highly regarded.

If students don’t know what they want to do but are great independent learners then the IBDP will probably suit them.

All universities however will have a points equivalent for A Levels and the IBDP and a good school will support applications to UK and international universities.

Why use an education consultant?

Debrett’s work with families to understand exactly what it is they are looking for:

* Help students move from an international school to a UK school.
* Move from an academically selective school to one which is less so or vice versa.
* Find a good fit school for students who have a learning support need.
* Approach schools on behalf of the family and try to create a good match.

How can I get started with Debrett’s Education?

Get started by contacting Sioban via the website:

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