VivaLing – 1-to-1 language learning via video for ages 3+

January 30, 2023 | MumAbroad Life Video Channel

Vivaling: a new approach to language learning via video.

Are you worried your child will lose a native or second language?

Or does your child need rapid language learning & immersion for a move overseas?

VivaLing offers a new approach to language learning:

  • VivaLing language coaches teach through songs, games, stories and authentic interactions around your child’s passions & interests
  • VivaLing coaches are all native speakers
  • VivaLing classes are 100% via video in real time, letting your child learn wherever you are
  • VivaLing sessions can be 15, 25, 40 or 55 minutes to suit your child’s availability
  • VivaLing has no subscription or minimum commitment

VivaLing coaches can teach your child Spanish, French, German, English or Mandarin from age three and throughout their schooling. Classes are not only fun but will ensure your child retains a second language or a mother tongue, and quickly pick up a new language if you’re moving overseas.

But there’s more.

Adults can also take VivaLing classes to be able to converse with locals before travelling or moving abroad. You can also learn a foreign language you need in your workplace to in preparation for language exams.

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Who is Felicity Elms?

Felicity Elms is Head of Talent Development at VivaLing online language school.

She lived in Mexico for 10 years before returning to live in the UK with her young son and understands the struggle to keep a bilingual child’s unused language alive.

In this MumAbroad interview she talks about the VivaLing approach to learning a foreign language via video. She describes the learning style as ‘energetic’ and ‘passionate’ as well as ‘educational’. For example: if a child is interested in football or Harry Potter, VivaLing coaches will use those interests as a platform for language learning that stays fun and relevant.

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