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January 29, 2022 | Uncategorised

Christine Giraud

Your Year in Spain was founded as a service to help families move to Spain for a year of more. Sydney-based Founder Bianca and Granada-based specialist adviser Christine provide a unique and insightful relocation service to recently arrived families in Granada. Based on their experiences of moving and living abroad with their families, the duo have built in-depth knowledge of the local area and the moving process.

Speaking English, French and Spanish between them, the duo offer tailored advice to families. They can assist with:
– choosing the right location to suit your family
– finding and renting a suitable property
– local resident registration on arrival
– the practicalities of setting up bank accounts, mobile phone, internet, car leasing/rental and health care
– finding a babysitting
– school enrolment support


The company specialises in sabbatical years whether for study, pleasure or to experience a different culture. If you don’t know exactly what that will look like then they can help you decide by looking at your objectives. And finally they will advise you on how you can make this happen from an administrative point of view.


Your Year in Spain help families create an authentic and unforgettable cultural experience in Spain.

What we like about them

  Both Bianca and Christine have experienced relocating to Granada with their families.
  Specialised in planning sabbatical years in Spain.

In their own words

Every family is different and therefore we first take the time to understand who you are and what is most important for your sabbatical in Spain. From there we can tailor our research and advice to suit your requirements and budget. Having experienced our own year away and worked with many families over the years, we have gained in-depth knowledge and experience about what to consider and look out for when planning a year abroad. We’re parents ourselves and we know that one of the most important aspects of moving abroad is finding a welcoming school with the level of immersion you wish for your children. We can help you determine which school option is more suited to your children’s needs. We then take care of enrolling your children in school as well as researching extracurricular local activities like sport, music, dance classes, tutoring, additional language classes and much more.” Christine Giraud


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