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December 14, 2022 |
Zoe Hornby

Photography and Instagram Marketing

Zoe Hornby is the founder of Zoe Loves Creating, a photography and Instagram marketing business based in Maresme. Coming from a design and marketing background for tech industries in the UK, Zoe has pulled her favourite bits from her old corporate life into a small business that she is both hugely passionate about, but also one that perfectly fits with her family life. As a mum of two and wife to one, Zoe has been juggling family life and different ventures as an expat in Barcelona since 2012. It was never the plan to stay this long but turns out that seeing her 5 year old navigate the Catalan and Spanish language with ease could mean that this is it. Well, that and the beautiful Maresme coast and plentiful sunshine.

As the initial plan was only a year or two, Zoe decided to use this unexpected career break to learn how to take a good photo. And more than learning it, she ended up getting paid for a few jobs, that then led to a few more. 


Over the course of the last several years it’s scaled up and back down again; the arrival of children and Covid certainly impacting momentum. But as photography is something Zoe loves and is hugely passionate about, it was a fire that wasn’t going to be put out. 


Zoe prides herself on simple, no frills photography, and has a wonderful ability to get the best out of her clients; using beautiful natural light, with Barcelona and Maresme as the backdrop. Photographing the magic of weddings and family photography but also, coming from a marketing background, she has a strong understanding branding and brand voice in imagery, having photographed for many small businesses in Barcelona.


This is where her more recent venture into Instagram marketing comes in. Strategy, branding, design, and copywriting, are all areas of Zoe’s business expertise. Transferring that to Instagram marketing is both a natural and exciting move, and one that she loves.  

What we like about them

  Zoe makes you feel comfortable and relaxed during photo sessions
  Strategy, branding, design, and copywriting, are all areas of Zoe’s business expertise
  Zoe prides herself on simple, no-frills photography

In their own words

I love the simplicity of it just being me and my camera and how, together, we can capture something special. Bigger jobs like weddings or website rebranding, but also a simple relaxed but professional LinkedIn photo that could be the difference in someone connecting with them… or not. And that power of imagery extends to Instagram marketing too. Getting it right, with a clear strategy and quality content, will help connect to an audience, which ultimately leads to more sales. Being part of that journey, starting with just me and my camera, is incredibly exciting.” Zoe Hornby


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