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December 21, 2022 | Barcelona & Sant Cugat, Family Services, Maresme & Girona, Spain

Zoe Loves Creating is a photography and Instagram marketing business based in Maresme. Coming from a design and marketing background for tech industries in the UK, she has pulled her favourite bits from her old corporate life into a small business that she is both hugely passionate about, but also one that perfectly fits with her family life.

As a photographer, she prides herself on simple, no-frills photography. She has a wonderful ability to get the best out of her clients, using beautiful natural light, with Barcelona and Maresme as the backdrop. Photographing the magic of weddings and family photography but also, coming from a marketing background, she has a strong understanding of branding and brand voice in imagery, having photographed for many small businesses in Barcelona.

This is where her more recent venture into Instagram marketing comes in. Strategy, branding, design, and copywriting, are all areas of Zoe’s business expertise. Transferring that to Instagram marketing is both a natural and exciting move. She knows how important it is for businesses, especially small businesses, to show up on social media. Consumers use Instagram as part of their due diligence in making their purchase choice so being present and sharing quality content is extremely important. Zoe recognises how Instagram is a time-consuming slog, especially when many small business owners would prefer to focus on exactly that… their business. So Zoe will show up for you, taking the Instagram stress from away, creating awesome content with a plan, that will ultimately transfer into sales. 

Contact Details:

+34 644 255 384

2 responses to “Zoe Loves Creating”

  1. Delia Monk says:

    Zoe has saved my Instagram presence (and transformed it!) I was struggling to post regularly because, well, #life and when I did, it was without any kind of strategy. Now Zoe’s in charge I catch myself smiling at my own grid (it’s so pretty) and giggling and my reels (she’s a creative genius). I’m finally connecting with my audience again — engagement’s up, reach is up, and I’m no longer feeling guilty about never showing up. Hire Zoe, you won’t regret it, you’ll just wish you did it months ago. Scrap that, years ago.

  2. I have used Zoe’s professional photography services not only to capture multiple special family moments but also professionally for my business social media, website and that of my husband’s too. I’m always amazed at how comfortable and relaxed she makes the experience, and manages to capture the true essence of what we would like to create from the sessions. Thank you Zoe for your professionalism, attention to detail and your high quality work. We will continue to use Zoe’s trusted services, time and again and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a professional photography service

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