Zoo de Mescoules

October 14, 2018 | Activities, Bordeaux, France

Reptile zoo in Mescoules where you can have a guided visit to discover many reptiles including the biggest snake in Europe. You can also see Nile Crocodiles, Varans, Giant Pythons, Boas of Madagascar, Spitting Cobras, Rattlesnakes, Giant Tortoises, Lizards and Iguanas.


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Victoria Sauron

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Lieu-dit La Pleyssade, 24240 Mescoules / zoodemescoules@gmail.comwww.zoo-de-mescoules.com

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  1. MumAbroad says:

    We weren’t sure what to expect from the outside, but inside was a charmingly done living reptile and animal zoo with stunning animals including two Nile crocodiles and a reticulated python the size of a man. We all were able to handle lizards, tortoises and baby snakes. What makes this visit special is the very knowledgeable guide, obviously passionate about her subject and lovely with children (we visited with a 5 year old and toddler). Full of fascinating anecdotes and facts for the adults, and all children from toddlers to teens would be impressed (our toddler was very pleased with the ‘crocos’ and we saw older teenage boys of around 15 genuinely fascinated and very chuffed to handle the animals). Definitely recommended and we will come back in a year or so when the planned extensions and renovations are done. (Victoria Sauron)

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