Zoom and Bolder Beach

December 30, 2017 | Activities, Italy, Turin

Zoom is a biopark designed to replicate a journey through Asia or Africa with experts on-hand to make your day not only fun but interesting. Here you can see a variety of species including lemurs, pelicans, giant turtles, giraffes, zebras, eagles, falcons and the star attraction for many, the Bengal Tiger. At Bolder Beach, which is located within the biopark, you can spend the day in the sun on the rented sunloungers or on the grass with your own towel. The pool area is suitable for children and has a built-in glass wall which allows swimmers to see penguins on the other side. Apart from the pool there is a Ranger Camp fun area with swings, walkways and other activities. Within the park there are also a number of bars, cafes and restaurants to choose from. Tickets online or at park entrance. Birthday parties can be organised (minimum 10 people). Bolder Beach open from June to September and Zoom open from March to November: Full season pass available with added advantages including no queues at entrance and discounts within the park.

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Lyn Gladwin

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Strada Piscina, 36, 10040 Cumiana TO / +39 011 907 0419 / info@zoomtorino.it / www.zoomtorino.it

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  1. MumAbroad says:

    Have spent the day at both on separate occasions. Zoom is a fun day out for a family and it’s a nice way to get close to nature although I did feel sorry for the tiger as it looked so unhappy. Bolder beach was fun and felt like a mini holiday. Be warned: the queues are awful when the weather is good and it can be very overcrowded in and around the pool area. (Lyn Gladwin)

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