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January 11, 2024 | Activities, Barcelona & Sant Cugat, Spain

Public Speaking and Leadership for Young People

4Voices is a public speaking academy in Barcelona created through an ambitious partnership between MumAbroad and public speaking consultancy Educate to Communicate.

Their team of award-winning coaches and public speakers support and empower young people, students and entrepreneurs through public speaking, presentation, interview and leadership skills.

4Voices offers a range of innovative in-person and online courses as well as group and individual private coaching.

4Voices also organises pioneering annual public speaking events in Barcelona and Ireland, giving young people the opportunity to discover their voice and learn how to connect and communicate effectively with an audience around a chosen topic.

In December 2023, 4Voices presented their first event in Belfast, titled “2048: The Future Starts Now” in the prestigious setting of Stormont Parliament Buildings.

4Voices Barcelona 2024:

Now in its third year, the 4Voices Barcelona 2024 public speaking event will see 12 teenagers take to the stage at CosmoCaixa on April 27th, to share their unique points of view on an impactful subject: ‘The Digital Jungle’. 

The event is open to all English-speaking 4ESO/1BXT students (over the age of 14) in Spain, who will go on to receive intensive public speaking coaching, to help them craft and deliver a powerful 5-minute speech. They will then have the opportunity to present in front of an impressive audience of public speaking experts, educators, journalists, as well as their families, friends and community and business leaders. 

This year, prizes will be awarded to all participants as opposed to an individual winner and finalists will receive valuable feedback from an expert panel of judges.

The Digital Jungle: Navigating The Online World

This year’s chosen theme, “The Digital Jungle: Navigating The Online World” will challenge the young  finalists to contemplate the complexities of the online world, sharing their perspective on the challenges as well as the opportunities of all things digital.

With a new location at one of Barcelona’s most iconic venues, the event is set to be more dynamic and impactful than ever.


Public Speaking & Presentation Skills for Teens is a pioneering online course by 4Voices. Find out more and enrol now.

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