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February 26, 2024 | Activities, France, Paris

Cook’n With Class – family cooking classes

Cook’n With Class is your family-friendly gateway to the enchanting world of French cuisine in Paris. Since 2007, Chef Eric Fraudeau and their merry band of culinary wizards have been sprinkling magic into their English-speaking classes. These hands-on classes are perfect for culinary enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. From market-fresh French cuisine classes to the delicate art of French patisserie, we offer a unique blend of education, fun, and gastronomy, inviting you and your family to dive deep into the rich flavors and traditions of French cuisine.

Kids & Family Classes

Kids & Family Classes are your ticket to the most delightful culinary playground. From a chocolate workshop exclusively for kids to family baking adventures in macarons and a selection of French patisseries, there’s something for everyone. They also offer a three-course French cuisine class for kids and their adult companions, ensuring a healthy, fun, and educational experience. These classes foster a love for cooking among children and adults alike, perfect for families looking to bond over the joy of food. What’s more, the Express Croissant Class is conveniently scheduled at the same time as the Kids Chocolate Class, allowing adults to delve into the art of baking croissants and pain au chocolat while their little ones are immersed in chocolate heaven. It’s a wonderful way for the entire family to engage in baking fun simultaneously.

French Desserts & Baking

If you’ve got a sweet tooth that won’t quit, the Desserts & Baking Classes are your sugar-coated dream come true. Learn the secrets behind flawless macarons, indulgent chocolate creations, and the delicate art of choux pastry with many more classes to choose from. These sessions are designed to elevate your baking skills and introduce you to the delights of French pâtisserie. A limited number of kids can be accepted from age 10 in most of these classes! If you’re pressed for time, you can also join for an express (2-hour) macaron or croissant class.

French Cuisine Classes

More on the savory side? Then the French Cuisine Classes are the answer to your Paris wishes. From saucy sauce making to learning classic Bistro dishes that scream ‘oh la la’, you can work your way through the delicious maze of France’s culinary traditions. Their market class was the first-ever class developed back in 2007! It’s where you head to the market to learn more about seasonal French ingredients with your chef to decide on your menu. You’ll then create a sumptuous four-course meal to enjoy altogether. Children over 13 are accepted in the market classes.

Private Classes & Team Building

Looking for something a tad more exclusive? Private and Team-building classes are like having a culinary fairy godmother. Whether you’re planning a family reunion, a friend’s get-together, or a corporate event that needs a dash of fun, they’ve got the custom-made cooking adventure for you.

Seasonal Classes

If you love a good celebration, the Seasonal Classes add that special gourmet flair to your festivities. From crafting the perfect Bûche de Noël to mastering the art of foie gras.

So, what are you waiting for? Tie on your apron, grab your little sous-chefs, and join Cook’n With Class in Paris. It’s more than just a cooking class; it’s where passion for French cuisine turns into unforgettable memories and skills that last a lifetime. Here, cooking and baking come alive in a convivial atmosphere, promising lasting memories and skills for the whole family.

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