Domidom Home Services, Antibes

February 18, 2018 | Family Services, France, Home & Admin, Nice

Founded in 2003, this organisation offers a variety of home services. Their home assistance includes household cleaning, meal preparation, ironing, shopping and gardening. They also offer a babysitting service in your own home with trained child minders. It is also possible to hire someone to accompany you during medical visits and to help with administrative paperwork throughout your relocation process.

Domidom offers all traditional regular home services such as cleaning and ironing, DIY and gardening. They also offer vigilance of main and secondary residences and  moving assistance.

We provide a tailored customer service. Each request is subject to a visit by a Domidom member followed by a personalised quote. We then introduce you to our professional speaker who will carry out the mission. It is indeed essential to establish a relationship of trust between you and the contractor, whose role goes much further than just carrying out minor work. Domidom offers real support, whether your need is temporary or long-term. We offer turnkey home service solutions, where you no longer have to worry about anything. When you are absent during the intervention of the professional, the latter informs you by SMS of his time of arrival and departure, with complete integrity.” Domidom

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Nicole Dadoun

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50 avenue Robert Soleau, 06600 Antibes

5, rue de Russie, 06000 Nice

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  1. MumAbroad says:

    When you might be in the late stages of pregnancy or after the birth of a new baby you might find that you could need some help with looking after the other siblings and other household chores while you prepare and recover from the birth of your new child. This company can help with all of those things. (Nicole Dadoun)

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