École Internationale Bilingue de Nice

March 21, 2018 | France, Nice, Nice education, Schools Nice

The École Internationale Bilingue de Nice is a bilingual French-English school teaching pupils from nursery to primary.


The École Internationale Bilingue de Nice (EIB Nice) welcomes more than 600 students of different nationalities from kindergarten to the end of primary school, offering them a fully bilingual education in kindergarten and primary, 50% English, 50% French.

The school provides full linguistic immersion in both languages from 2 years of age. The school is an accredited centre for Cambridge English Assessment exams, helping students to obtain up to A1 qualifications for English as a Foreign Language (EFL).

A document with an overview of the school, its curriculum, school fees and an enrollment form can be found here in English.

School fees range from 730 to 920 euros monthly up to the end of primary school.

The École Internationale Bilingue de Nice (EIB Nice) is part of a group of separate institutions welcoming 950 students:

EIB Cagnes sur Mer “Le Pain de Sucre”

EIB Nice “Le Pain d’Epice”

EIB Pegomas “Le Pain de Sucre 3”

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Contact Details:

EIB Pégomas: The Sheepfold, 1257 route de Grasse, 06580 Pégomas / + 33 (0)4 93096556
EIB Cagnes: Le Pain de Sucre, 43, Chemin du Pain de Sucre, 06800 Cagnes sur Mer / +33 (0)4 93737041
EIB Nice: 23 Boulevard Gambetta, 06000 Nice / +33 (0)4 93447544

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