Everything but English Lessons

September 8, 2020 | Activities, Family Services, Italy, Milan

Everything but English Lessons is a collective of qualified, experienced English language tutors who employ a child led, play and project based approach, enabling children to acquire language within engaging contexts of their choosing. After establishing a relationship based on trust and friendship, by asking the child to show their favourite toys and games, tutors then progress to creative activities based on individual interests and for older children projects involving research and skill development. Examples of past projects: learning to play the ukulele, producing a short film (utilising digital cameras, AV editing and stop/motion software), germinating seeds and growing plants, writing and recording a song (utilising sound recording, and digital music production software) and making historically accurate replicas of ancient weapons. This method of project-based learning, means the educational and developmental benefits amount to so much more than simply learning English. Everything but English Lessons is part of the umbrella group Under the Sun founded by mum and entrepreneur Silvia Levi. There you can find all the latest news about her projects and activities regarding Education, English, Circus and Wellbeing in one place.

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  1. MumAbroad says:

    Good short entertaining games for kids!!! My son loves it! (Roberta)

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