FAnglès Ceramic Classes

November 3, 2020 | Activities, Barcelona & Sant Cugat, Spain

FAnglès is a concept created by Clare McCracken in Barcelona. A TEFL certified English instructor with over 15 years experience as a language teacher and a degree in ceramics, Clare founded FAnglès, combining creativity with her love of languages. Saturday morning classes for children, in English, Clay & Create, give young learners a chance to create and learn at the same time. Each 90-minute session for children focuses on the creation of a single piece. Clare also offers special events for birthday parties and summer activities for children of all ages. Adult workshops include Clay, Cava & Create and Clay, Coffee & Create where you will learn the basics of hand building with clay and have the opportunity to create multiple pieces using different techniques.

I believe people learn best when their imaginations are engaged. Becoming proficient in a new skill or a new language is often seen as a difficult, challenging process. But it does not need to be. In fact, I find that students respond best when new skills are linked to creativity. I founded FAnglès because I wanted a space to share my passion for art and language with others, using a unique approach that makes classes enjoyable, and as a result makes learning less of a challenge.”

Contact Details:

C/ de Burgos, 56, Barcelona, 08014
+34 647 911 448

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