Hosptial Quirónsalud, Madrid

July 5, 2018 | Madrid, Maternity Services, Spain

Hospital Quirón, a leading institution for private medical care in Spain opened in Madrid in December 2006. The hospital favours ‘El parto científico humanizado’ which is a more natural birthing option offered to women. Dr José Ángel Espinosa comes highly recommended for his support for natural birthing options. He also speaks English.




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Recommended by:

Brigitte Biehlemail

Contact Details:

C/ Cartagena, 111, 28002 Madrid / www.quironsalud.es/san-jose

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  1. MumAbroad says:

    Dr. Espinosa believes in natural medicine and for example has prescribed homeopathic medicine for me that helped me to dilate up to 4cm! at home without contractions and without noticing it (and I am a first time mother!) They didn’t do the episiotomy enema, or shave me. They have a multi-position birthing stool which allows you to give birth in a squatting position or on all fours. When I gave birth (in January 2008) they didn’t have birthing pools but they hope to. I received personalised friendly treatment from Dr Espinosa. He gave me his email address and answered all (lots of them) of my queries very quickly. They generally don´t have any problems with doulas being present during the whole delivery process, but you need to ask beforehand. (BB)

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