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June 17, 2020 | France, Healthcare, Paris

Founded in 1979, The International Counseling Service is a non-profit association of fully qualified, multilingual clinical psychologists and psychotherapists specialising in expatriate issues and the challenges that come with global living. 

Whether you are a long-term permanent resident or have recently moved to Paris, you or your family may encounter new problems and pressures or find old ones resurfacing. There are many situations that can feel overwhelming as an expat living abroad, and it can be immensely helpful to be able to talk to an English-speaking professional in your own language. The International Counseling Service provides support with difficulties including anxiety and depression, marriage and relationship issues, eating disorders, bereavement, addictions and much more. 

ICS provides initial evaluations for English-speaking individuals of all ages living in Paris, free-of-charge either in person or over the phone. The association welcomes couples, families, groups and individuals including children, teenagers and adults, offering emotional support and access to a network of mental health professionals with extensive experience in working with the Anglophone community in Paris.

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