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February 13, 2019 | Baby & Toddler, Italy, Maternity Services, Milan

Kalila Community is dedicated to wellness during pregnancy and motherhood with courses for parents through every stage of pregnancy and beyond. They offer just about everything you could need during pregnancy and motherhood in the heart of Milan and they do it with a strong commitment to quality. All their professionals speak both English and Italian as well! They offer birth preparation courses and workshops on a range of pre and post natal topics, such as what services are offered at each hospital, what your patient rights are at the hospital, breastfeeding issues, sleep issues and starting solids.

Kalila means ‘dearly loved’ and is a combination of the name of founder Kathy Moulton and her first daughter, Laila. In addition to workshops and talks there is the possibility to book directly with various professionals such as: osteopath, massage therapist, both neonatal and maternal, for pregnant women and new mothers, shiatsu practitioner, psychologist, nutritionist, midwife, hypnobirthing practitioner, doula, babywearing consultant, reiki practitioner and more. A free meet-up for moms is held once a week on Wednesdays 10-12) and other mornings you can come simply to chat together while the kids play, have tea or coffee in a cozy place suitable for mothers’ needs, with changing table, breastfeeding pillows, and more.

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Via San Vincenzo 8, 20123 Milano

3 responses to “Kalila Community”

  1. MumAbroad says:

    I had the opportunity to wear and use the KalilaSportswear during the last period of my pregnancy (from the 30th until the 38th week). The clothes are really comfortable and give the right support during the training. The zipper on the jacket are perfect and allow you to wear it comfortably also in the last weeks of your pregnancy, when your belly is enormous. I would really recommend these sportswear to all pregnant woman who like to keep moving and can’t wait until in a few weeks I am allowed to do sports again and thus can continue to wear the clothes. (Inge)

  2. Jihane Lahbabi says:

    That’s an excellent recommendation. I took so many classes there : birth preparation courses, pregnancy yoga, Mom and Baby yoga (with both my sons). The new location is even better, feels like home. I keep recommending Kalila Community to all the moms I meet.

  3. Elianne Greaves says:

    I would highly recommend the Kalila community to all (prospective) mums. Having moved to Milan 3 months pregnant not being able to speak Italian, the Kalila community was really supportive – both in navigating me through the Italian systems for prenatal care as well as of emotional support (being new, not knowing anyone in the city and not speaking the language). I joined their pre-natal yoga classes twice a week as well as the birth course together with my husband. It’s a very welcoming and caring space, which I really appreciated. Plus through both the yoga and the birth course I have met some lovely other mums who I can now call my friends.

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