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November 23, 2017 | Baby & Toddler, Como, Emilia-Romagna, Italy, Maternity Services, Milan, Rome, Sicily, Turin, Tuscany & Umbria

La Leche League International is an international nonprofit organization that distributes information on and promotes breastfeeding. It was founded in 1956 in Franklin Park, Illinois as “La Leche League” and has a presence in sixty-eight countries. The Italian headquarters is in Rome but there are numerous groups throughout Italy. Check the website for the nearest one to you.

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  1. MumAbroad says:

    When Lucca was born he was a really difficult baby and although the hospital were supportive I felt really alone in Rome as all my family live the States. For the first month I really struggled with the feeding and he was permanently crying. I went numerous times to the doctor but they couldn’t see anything the matter with him and made me feel a rubbish parent who was doing everything wrong. They gave me medicine but nothing seemed to help. I spent my whole time walking the streets, researching the internet, reading books and became resigned to the fact that I had a high needs baby who would never be happy. During my research I came across La Leche League and my gratitude for this organisation for turning my life around is HUGE. I spoke to a lovely kind lady the first time I called who listened to all the problems I had with Lucca and gave me such invaluable advice. After a few consultations we discovered I had fast letdown and the poor baby couldn’t cope with the influx of milk so was inhaling lots of air, had permanent gas and was always hungry – the poor thing. After advising me on different feeding positions to try and overcome this Lucca was a totally different baby and I was a totally different mother. Such a simple solution from another experienced mother with no need for medication was so instrumental to my sons start in life that I HUGELY recommend La Leche League for MumAbroad Italy users. (Kim Austin)

  2. MumAbroad says:

    I found the meetings very useful and helpful and talking to other mums was so important. It was very reassuring knowing that there were people with real, first-hand experience to guide me in the right direction with any concerns I had. The website has lots of useful information, too. (Lyn Gladwin)

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