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May 24, 2024 | Family Services, Germany, Munich

Lital Yeshurun, Family Photographer in Munich

As a family photographer based in Munich, Lital Yeshurun specialises in capturing every moment that counts, whether it’s within the cosiness of your home or amidst the natural beauty of the Munich area.

Her passion lies in preserving the essence of your life’s most cherished moments, making each gesture and expression a timeless memory. After running a thriving wedding photography business in Israel, Lital moved to Germany where she is now based with her partner, baby boy, cat and dog.

Lital uses natural light and the surroundings to enhance the authenticity and warmth of each photograph. By blending into the background, she strives to be a fly on the wall, allowing you and your loved ones to feel comfortable and at ease. Lital’s approach ensures that your happiness and genuine interactions are beautifully documented without any disruptions. 

Family Photography in Munich

Lital’s family photography services in Munich encompass a wide range of situations including family portraits, kids, newborn, maternity, and other significant life events. Each session is tailored to reflect the unique dynamics and connections within your family, capturing the love, joy, and spontaneity that define your relationships.

As a former professional dancer, she also uses her dance experience to infuse her photographs with movement and light. This unique perspective allows her to capture dynamic and emotive images that really tell a story. Whether it’s the tender moments of a newborn’s first days, the excitement of a growing family, or the quiet intimacy of a candid family gathering, her goal is to create a visual narrative that you will treasure for years to come.

“I understand the importance of being present and enjoying your time with your loved ones. That’s why I take care of all the details, allowing you to focus solely on the moment. My unobtrusive style ensures that you can fully engage in the experience without feeling posed or pressured.

Each photoshoot is an opportunity to create lasting memories that reflect your unique story. By choosing me as your photographer, you are entrusting someone who values the authenticity of your moments as much as you do. My commitment is to provide you with beautiful, natural photographs that encapsulate the love and connection you share with your loved ones.” – Lital Yeshurun

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