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February 6, 2018 | Family Services, France, Paris

Message was established in 1984 by six English-speaking, expatriated women living in Paris wishing to connect with others for support in raising their children far away family. Today, they have nearly 2000 members providing a support network for English-speaking parents living in Paris. Message is a group of mothers and fathers raising children of all ages. Members come from over 60 countries and while they all speak English, they also speak over 20 other languages.

Over 50 events are held monthly for parents and children of all ages:
– Playdates and get-togethers for babies, toddlers and little kids
– Coffees, lunches, networking events, Message Talks and nights out on the town (currently virtual).
 Due to Covid-19 restrictions, Message has adapted to members’ needs with virtual events and gatherings.

They also have a very active chat forum on their members-only website. And members can find other members via 3 different types of groups: area groups (by neighborhood), social groups (by things members have in common, e.g. age of children, working parents, countries of origin, etc) and support groups (peer support when we need it most)

Recommended by:

Jill Hamilton Brice

Contact Details:

+33 (0)1 58 60 00 53
9am – 4pm on weekdays

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  1. MumAbroad says:

    I’d highly recommend MESSAGE, a full parenting resource for English speaking parents living in Ile de France. A great way to get practical information, advice, support, and meet people. (Jill Hamilton Brice)

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