Parc Alpha

September 7, 2018 | Activities, France, Nice

Set the heart of the 18 hectare Mercantour National Park in Saint Martin de Vésubie, Park Alpha is an educational park and family-friendly wildlife sanctuary which allows visitors to discover the way that different wolf packs live within the national park. Educational and fun, Alpha Park is a great way to observe 3 species of wolves in their natural habitat and learn more about their lifestyle and behaviours, as well as discover the issues related to their cohabitation with humans. The park is located in an exceptional natural setting, perfect for an outdoor visit with friends and family. The children can also encounter some less fearsome animals in the small onsite farm!

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Chalet d’Accueil du Boréon, RD 89 06450, Saint-Martin Vésubie / +33 4 93 02 33 69 / /

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