Pitchoun Park, Grenade

September 18, 2018 | Activities, Family Services, France, Toulouse

From 18 months to 10 years old, this indoor activity park (with an outdoor area as well) offers all sorts of fun for your kids and their parents. Also a great place for celebrating birthdays. This park is about 40 minutes north-west of Toulouse centre.


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Recommended by:

Kathrin Schindl, Founder of Babyloan

Contact Details:

5 Rue de Bethmale, 31330 Grenade / +33 05 61 82 36 19 / www.pitchounparc.com

1 response to “Pitchoun Park, Grenade”

  1. Kathrin Schindl says:

    This park is smaller than some others stated on here, but sometimes isn’t this exactly what you are looking for? When you want to have just a little less kids and a little less noise and crazyness. 😉 And all you need is there.

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