Réserve Africaine de Sigean

September 25, 2018 | Activities, France, Montpellier, Toulouse

Réserve Africaine de Sigean first opened its doors to the public on the 8th April 1974. Over the years, the Réserve has grown and its herds have more and more members belonging to different European breeding programs (EEP). Today, nearly 900 mammals, 600 reptiles and 2000 birds are bred at the Réserve. The first part of your visit is done by car (for about one hour with your own vehicle), and the second part on foot (about two and a half hours). The safari park is located in the south of France, between Narbonne and Perpignan around 150km from Toulouse and 100km from Montpellier.

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Kathrin Schindl Founder of Babyloan

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RD 6009, 19 chemin Hameau du lac, 11130 Sigean / ra.sigean@wanadoo.frwww.reserveafricainesigean.fr

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  1. Kathrin Schindl says:

    The animals here are well treated it seems and have a lot of space, which is the most important. A relaxing place with all sorts of species. One is well guided by pannels and brochures that explain further all you need to know during the visit.

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