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February 27, 2018 | Andalucia, Andalucia education, Schools Andalucia, Spain

The British School of Cordoba (BSC) teaches the English national curriculum for pupils aged 3-18, covering GCSEs and A Levels. The school was founded by parents in 1998.


The British School of Cordoba offers a personalised approach to the English national curriculum, enhancing interaction with the Spanish language and culture. At the end of Key Stage 4 (year 11), students can gain IGCSE qualifications and automatically obtain Spain’s national ESO 4 qualification if they complete the subjects of Lengua Castellana, Geografia and Historia. The list of English and Spanish subjects on offer for Key Stage 5 are:

· Further Mathematics
· English Literature
· Physics
· Chemistry
· Biology
· Geography
· History
· French
· Economics
· Art
· Photography
· Computing
· Economía de la empresa
· Historia del arte
· Geografía
· Física
· Química
· Biología
· Dibujo técnico
· Matemáticas II
· Matemáticas aplicadas
​​​​​​​· Spanish


The British School of Cordoba is a 10 minute drive from the city centre, and 15 minutes from Cordoba international airport. The nearest cities are Jaen and Seville.

Fees & Admissions

A one off admission fee of around €2,000 is required for each student, alongside an annual fee of €787. The school does not make public its tuition fees. The admissions process and enquiries about fees can be made via the British School of Cordoba’s website.

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Contact Details:

C/ México, 4, 14012 Córdoba / +34 957 767 048 / /

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