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The British School of Vila-real

The British School of Vila-real is an International British school rooted in the local community with one simple aim – to create great learning experiences which inspire, support and challenge. Great learning happens when we feel happy and secure. A happy child is a motivated young person who will focus on their own talents and perform to a high level. This is why the school collaborates closely with parents and make it their business to understand the strengths and ambitions of every student in their care. With the support of the International Schools Partnership, the school offers students valuable skills for success in an increasingly global community. Many students go on each year to UK and other international universities but there are also a large number who progress to higher education in Spain. As a bilingual school students are educated in Spanish and Valenciano as well as the other subjects offering a passport to universities around the world.

Contact Details:

C/ de Vila-real a Burriana, 3er Sedeny – Vila-real 12540 / +34 964 500 155 / +34 671 698 720 /

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