The Globe Kindergarten English Nursery School

August 24, 2018 | Andalucia, Andalucia education, Education Listings, Granada, Schools Andalucia, Spain

The Globe Kindergarten is a nursery school in Granada which offers a full immersion in English for babies and children from 4 months to 6 years old. The nursery school has modern facilities with a private outdoor patio with artificial grass, a small summer swimming pool and a vegetable garden. All teachers are native English speakers.

The Globe Kindergarten is part of the Globe group, which runs an academy for learning English in Granada. The nursery is designed to combat the apparent ‘unpreparedness’ of the Spanish education system for raising children with a good grasp of English, to take advantage of job opportunities later in life.

The Globe group believe that high-quality English learning has previously been only possible in expensive private schools in Spain, so the nursery & other options for students and adults to learn English are designed to be affordable and effective for the digital world.

To sign your child up, follow the links on the Globe’s website and select the age of your child. Children can begin attending the Globe Kindergarten from 4 months until 6 years old, before other options for extra curricular school help, English for professions and in the world of work, and other learning options become available.

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Contact Details:

Carretera de la Sierra 44, Granada
+34 958 226 388

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