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Berlin International School

Berlin International School (B.I.S.) at Campus Dahlem is part of the international and bilingual branch (E/G) of Stiftung Private Kant-Schulen gGmbH. They offer both nationally and internationally recognised educational opportunities from first grade through the end of secondary school to children and young adults whose families are internationally mobile, or based in Berlin and looking for challenging educational programmes in a culturally diverse, multilingual setting. The Berlin curriculum is followed alongside the Primary Years Programme of the International Baccalaureate Organisation. Most of the classroom instruction happens in English. Students of the primary school have between 29 and 36 teaching periods per week. These lessons include Language Arts, Math, Units of Inquiry, Art, Music, Physical Education, and computer skills, as well as English or German as a Foreign Language. In the 6th – 8th grade compulsory subjects are English, German, mathematics, computer science, natural sciences, history, geography, art, music and sport. Starting in the 6th grade, the school offers a third language (presently French or Spanish). The senior schools programme (English/German) in grades 9 and 10 follows the IGCSE programme. The final grades of high School prepare students to complete the IB Diploma Programme.

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Lentzeallee 8/14, 14195 Berlin / +49 30 82 00 77 90 / /

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