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April 3, 2018 | Italy, Rome, Rome education, Schools Rome

Castelli Kindergarten is an international nursery school that follows the English national curriculum for early years pupils.


The Castelli Kindergarten is part of the Castelli International School, and allows international children in Rome to begin their education a year earlier.

The Kindergarten follows the English curriculum with English as the main language of instruction. This prepares pupils to begin Grade 1 at the Castelli International School, which integrates Cambridge International qualifications with the additional option for Italian-speaking students to take state exams.

The Kindegarten programme embraces a hands-on learning philosophy that aims to develop pupils’ intellectual, artistic and practical skills. The school is based in the south of Roma, in a green environment that the school says helps pupils exercise their imaginations to the full.

The kindegarten was previously based in the Marino region, in the heart of Rome. It is now integrated with the Castelli International School campus.


Kindergarten tuition fees are €7,500 for one school year.


Prospective parents can make contact with the Castelli Kindergarten via an online form on the school’s website.


The school is located on the same site as the Castelli International School, in the Grottaferrata district of Rome. The schools are a 45-minute drive south of Rome city centre.

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