Charles-Dickens Primary School

January 30, 2020 | Berlin, Berlin education, Germany, Schools Berlin

Charles-Dickens Primary School (Charles-Dickens-Grundschule) is a state-run bilingual (German/ English) school in Berlin.


Charles-Dickens Primary School was Founded in 1971, and has over the years been one of Berlin’s most highly sought after Europe Schools (state-run bilingual schools).

The school runs from grade 1 to 6 and has both an English-German Europe section catering to bilingual children from international and local families and a German section. In the Europe stream, classes are made up of around 50 percent German children and 50 percent children with English as their mother tongue. All lessons are taught by native-speaking teachers .

Located on spacious grounds between the Olympic Stadium and the Greunwald Forest, the school has fantastic access to public transport and is fantastically equipped with an English-German library, a student kitchen, computer rooms and a large green playground.

The school’s Parent’s Association (a non-profit association funded by parents and friends of the Charles Dickens Primary School) organises free English-language activities including football teams, chess club, arts and crafts and more, to enable children to enjoy a variety of fun and interesting hobbies while practising English.


Applications for admission can be made through the local authority and the school admits children who have English or German as their native language, and their language skills are assessed by a teacher prior to admission. More admissions information can be found here.


The school is based a 25-minute drive west from Berlin city centre.

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Charles-Dickens-Grundschule, Dickensweg 15, 14055 Berlin (Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf) /  030  3032868-0 (From Germany) / +49 30 3032868-0 (From Abroad) / /

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