Montseny Christmas trees delivered to your home in Catalunya & Barcelona

November 15, 2023 | Blog, Home & Relocation

Locally grown Christmas trees delivered to your home throughout Catalunya and Barcelona! We talked to Eduard Pareja, working with tree farmers in the mountains of Montseny, on a mission to celebrate an eco-friendly Christmas. 

Eco-friendly Christmas Trees



When and why did you set up Navet?

The idea came up during our university years, who would have thought that the business plan would become a reality later on! Plastic trees were becoming very popular so we thought we could offer people the real thing with the same level of comfort… who would prefer a plastic reproduction if you could have a very affordable and beautiful tree brought to your home in just a few clicks?


Also, people are becoming more ecologically conscious so we wanted to support the movement by providing an alternative to those who want to have an eco friendly Christmas.


Navet was born in 2016 and had a great welcome. We make sure every client has the tree they expect and this translates into happy clients that come back to us every Christmas.


What type of trees are they?

Navet works exclusively with Abbies Nordmanniana. This species has great qualities for us to work with. The tip of their leaves are blunt, the leaves are strong and rarely fall (even with the heat and dryness of our homes) and last but not least, we have plenty of them in Catalunya!


And that’s what we love most about them. We can support the local economy and reduce the carbon footprint while we keep a lovely tradition alive.


Why is Montseny a good environment for these trees to flourish?

Basically, these trees thrive at altitudes between 900-2000 meters with precipitation of over 1.000 mm.


How sustainable is your business?

Nearly as sustainable as a business can be! The day we deliver our trees in an electric vehicle we will be 100% sustainable, probably even more than 100% because each tree we plant reduces the CO2 particles in our atmosphere. By promoting local tree farms we contribute to a better air quality and to reduce the possibility of wildfire by keeping our forests clean and tidy.



Also, we are promoting wooden garnishments to decorate the trees. We believe that any attempt to reduce plastic consumption is a good initiative.


What delivery options do you offer?

We are currently delivering our trees from November 20 until December 20, you can choose the day and time bracket you want your tree delivered.


Delivery within a 25 km radius from Barcelona is included in the price of the tree and a small charge is applied to the rest of Catalunya. We intend to expand the free delivery area in the future.


Why do you sell trees with roots and trees without roots?

All our trees come from local farmers with a controlled production. The extraction process for a tree with roots or without roots is completely different. When we remove a tree from the ground, with its roots, the process is much more damaging to the wildlife in the forest and the plantation itself, when we cut a tree (without roots) the extraction process is much simpler.


Also, most of our clients, specially those who live in cities, just want the tree for a few weeks and have no use for it afterwards. We think a rootless tree is ideal for those clients who have no intention of keeping the tree in a garden or even in a big pot. Clients have the option to buy a tree with roots if they want to replant it after Christmas.


What is the best way to care for them once brought indoors?

The most important thing when it comes to look after your Christmas tree is to keep it away from heat sources such as stoves, fireplaces, etc. Also, like any other plant kept indoors, our trees will be very happy to get some water every now and then. Watering it every 5-6 days with a full glass of water will keep it alive for longer.


Once replanted does the tree need special conditions to grow in a garden?

Obviously, the best conditions would be those as similar as the natural environment of this trees, but, in our experience, 95% of the trees planted outdoors have survived, even in big cities like Barcelona. We have clients that send us photos every year since 2016 so we can check how they develop. You just have to make sure the tree gets enough water and has plenty of soil to grow strong.


Do you collect unwanted trees after Christmas?

We offer a service to collect unwanted trees after Christmas. This is one of the bits that we love most about our project. On one hand, we help our clients get rid of a cumbersome tree they don’t need anymore. On the other hand, we make sure these trees will close the biological circle by returning to the soil in form of fertilizer. Also, we can make biomass to use in stoves.


The idea is that what we take from nature we must return to nature. This way we can enjoy a tradition and look after our environment at the same time!


Navet and solidarity

Our philosophy is to be as close as possible to our community. This year we have extended it to non profit associations. For each Christmas tree sold we will make a donation to different projects. It is important to us that our work is not only circular but also with a social aspect.

Contact Details:

WhatsApp: +34 637 297 765

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