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July 25, 2018 | Blog, Holidays & Travel

Angelika Heinbach, owner of Mosaiccos, talks to MumAbroad Life about her passion for Gaudi’s architecture and design why she set up her business. Originally from Germany, Angelika has been living in Spain for over 25 years

Promoting the cultural tradition of the Trencadís technique


Angelika, you have been in Spain for over 25 years. What brought you here in the first place?


My passion for Spain and the possibility to work for a multinational company brought me to Madrid in the first place. I moved to Barcelona with the same company a few years later and the city captivated my mind due to its fascinating cityscape. Thinking of its marvellously decorated buildings by Antonio Gaudí puts me in a creative mood instantly.

How have you combined your career working with multi national companies and your passion for mosaic art?


Smooth and trouble-free communication is a decisive factor of a company’s success. Art and especially working on an art piece together as a team enhances a feeling of togetherness and contributes to a sense of identity with the company. So the idea emerged of participants creating, for example, the logo of their company and letting them see instantly the result and benefit of team work done by their own hands.

What do you love most about Mosaic art?


First of all, I have always liked arts which afford manual work. In addition to that, Mosaic is all about finding the right balance between perfectionism and letting go of rules and regularity at the same time. Not only in the sense of architecture, but also in his mosaic technique “Trencadís”, Gaudí defies conventions, forms, traditions and norms because his master was the nature itself. Every piece has its right spot, you just have to find it and cut the proper size and form.


You specialise in the “Trencadís” technique. Can you explain what that is exactly?


Trencadís is a mosaic technique made of broken ceramic and glass tiles. The technique is the most common characteristic in the age of Catalan Modernism, an art movement coming up in the early 20th century. Catalan architects, such as Antonio Gaudí and Josep Maria Jujol i Gibert used it for decorating buildings (3 dimensions) and made Barcelona as outstanding as it is today.

You offer short workshops in Mosaic Art for children. What age do you need to be and what kind of objects can be made?


Children from 3 years of age can participate in our workshops. Especially for younger kids, that might have challenges in handling the cutting tools, we offer pre-cut mosaic tiles. Our objects range from animals, such as a cat, dog, butterfly, rabbit, of course the well-known Gaudí lizard and many more. We offer other decoration objects such as picture frames, coasters and boxes.

Are the workshops a popular family activity?


They certainly are. A workshop like this strengthens the sense of belonging, because quality time is spent together while working on art pieces, that will forever serve as a unique memory of the trip to Barcelona. The fact, that the art pieces are done by yourself and with your own hands, once again makes this memory very special. At the same time all participants learn to appreciate the beauty and technique of Antonio Gaudí’s artworks more.

Do you also offer courses for people with more experience?


Besides our offers for beginners that comprise a basic course of 14 hours and a table course of 20 hours, we also provide the possibility for more experienced people to attend an advanced course of 16 hours. The timetable can be arranged in a flexible way.

You offer a very special design called ‘Vida Nueva’. What is that exactly?


Every mother is an artist of her own when it comes to give birth to a child. Her art work is unique, and we pay tribute to this fact by making customised sculptures of the mother’s belly in order to conserve this special period of a woman’s life. These life-sized sculptures are decorated with mosaic tiles made of tiffany glass or Venetians smalts.

What do you love most about your job?


Teaching people a millennial art is a very gratifying job, which I am very thankful for. Families, children, locals and tourists, as well as employees attending a team building event are content and happy after crafting their own art pieces, and these positive emotions are then again transferred to me.

Team building itself is a special challenge, because it affords a high degree of coordination among all the participants. Working out the conception of a corporate event and guiding a team through this process is one of the most exciting activities in my job. My biggest corporate event was in Portugal with 800 employees. All at the same time, they created three 9m² sized logos of the company in two hours.

What is your favourite Gaudí building in Barcelona and why?


I cannot commit myself to a favourite one because every building designed or decorated by Antonio Gaudí is special and astonishing. Each one of them has its uniqueness and symbolism.

Describe Barcelona in 3 words.


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