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December 8, 2021 | Blog, Wellbeing, Work Life

FROOF is a labour of love – educating the community about permaculture, fermentation and climate change, Kata and Dan are passionate about their venture. Read on to find out how they met, what they do and how they embrace a positive future in a fun and healthy way.

“To be a FROOFER is to be brave enough to care”


Daniel you are a filmmaker and photographer and Kata is a Permaculture & Fermentation Specialist. How did you come to join forces for this project?

Up until FROOF, the only way I’d ever known how to make a living was to hop on a plane somewhere and pour my heart and soul into a film project. After years of living and working on and off, I felt that I actually wanted to have my own project, a long-lasting one.. I was ready for more purpose. Then I met Kata.


Kata: I think I’ve always known that my place is in a garden with plants and animals. That is why I am a regenerative agriculture specialist, and I love it. Nature taught me some wonderful things about life, love and friendship. I love to share what I know with people and in this turbulent global moment that we are living through, I think it is essential we (re)learn to speak with nature that is in all of us and all around us.


By the way, we met at a party years ago. Long story short, we are both solo parents with the power to imagine all sorts of lush, green and exuberant futures for all species.


Someone who likes to make things and someone who likes to understand things, especially if they have something to do with climate change, seemed like a pretty sound partnership.


Although ‘lock down’ was very scary indeed, it did allow a tidal wave of creativity to come through both of us. It became our ambition to share and educate to a wider audience – and that’s why we created FROOF.

FROOF is an intriguing name! Does it have a meaning?

Well, it’s a new word, and it’s almost symmetrical (especially with the last F upside down) and it says ROOF, which suggests shelter, it has two ‘OO’s like mushrooms … But most importantly, it talks about climate change.


Permaculture & Fermentation Specialist - Froof


Caring for the planet is so new to humanity that we thought we needed new words, a new vocabulary, to tell new stories but it had to be fun and educational at the same time. So that’s FROOF … New times / new vocabulary / new stories/ new colour! FROOF has no gender, no race, no creed. FROOF is just (doing good) love/care … sharing more, growing more and teaching and learning together. New ways are good. This is FROOF!

What does it mean to become a FROOFER?

To be a FROOFER is to be brave enough to care! To understand that humans aren’t the centre. A FROOFER is a state of mind, being proactive in their own life and making small changes that have positive outcomes for all species. We all need help remembering things we really have known for generations … In FROOF, we teach people to grow their own food, make their own medicine, turn their waste into gold – to become a FROOFER.

You produce a sugar-free probiotic energy drink. What are probiotics, why do we need them and what is special about the one you produce?

Probiotics are live microorganisms that have huge health benefits when consumed. Although people often think about bacteria and other microbes as harmful ‘germs’, 95% of them are actually good and are beneficial, among other things, in strengthening and maintaining the immune system. These ‘healthy microbes’ are found in fermented products such as our delicious Ginger Probiotic Shots. Healthy means happy. Happy people see the world as it can be … now that’s a climate solution.


Sugar Free Fermentation Specialist


Exactly Dan. We talk much about mass extinctions but one of the biggest, one we hardly know about is happening right now, as you read this, in our own guts. We, humans, have far more microbial than human cells in our bodies. We are losing our friendly microbes due to stress, bad diet, bad habits, and because we actually don’t know how we should eat (and live) to make our microbes happy. When they are well fed, they make us healthy and happy in return. Every bottle of our Ginger Probiotic Shot contains 1,2 billion beneficial microbes ready to make you healthy and happy.

You offer a permaculture consultation. What is that exactly and who would benefit from this service?

Permaculture is the development of edible ecosystems that are self-perpetuated and self-sufficient. You can grow your own food everywhere depending on the space you have and the sun you receive. We teach people and kids in schools how to do that – to grow their own food in an ecosystem that requires no pesticides and is self-sustaining. That will produce healthy food and consequently make them more healthy.


Make your own medicine


You also offer a fermentation consultation. What is fermentation and how can it benefit us?

Fermentation is a process that happens everywhere and all the time, and is as natural as gravitation is. During fermentation, microbes pre-digest our food making it more easily digestible. It hampers an optimum absorption of minerals and nutrients from our food. Fermented foods also have a probiotic activity, hence they provide the gut with bacteria that enhances our immune function, improves digestion, and nutrient assimilation.


It seems reasonable to think that humans have used fermentation to produce food and beverages very soon after our species started roaming the Earth. Predominantly fermentation was used to preserve surplus foods such as pickled cucumbers, kimchi, yoghurt, cheese, wine and beer.


Our Permaculture & Fermentation Specialist consultations simplify all of that science into a jar of delicious healing goodness. We all deserve to know how to protect our families and ourselves.

If this Permaculture & Fermentation is new to people, what do you suggest are the first steps – however small – to positively help climate change?

FROOF is all about love. When you love something you look after it, you love your family – you protect them and look after them, you love your home – you look after it and protect it.

First step: Your body is your home – look after it first like nature does it. The second step is to learn about how to take care of nature around you. This is when you start to think. What is my own impact? Or if you have children, what should my children know that is not in the curriculum?


And the answer is: so many useful and beautiful things about mushrooms, bees, butterflies, microbes, carrots, stars and roses :))


For that reason, we provide workshops and consultations, private and group, and share our knowledge on social media platforms. We love to empower and enable the climate solution hero(ine) in you and in everyone.

Can you describe the FROOF community in 3 words?

BRAVE ENOUGH TO CARE (sorry that’s 4!)


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