Free bikes for MumAbroad Readers in Barcelona and Valencia with Cityflow

November 9, 2023 | Blog, Wellbeing

Cityflow is emerging as a beacon of sustainable mobility in Barcelona and Valencia. Bridging the gap between convenience and eco-responsibility, Cityflow offers bicycles on a unique subscription model. 

Especially for readers, Cityflow is offering complimentary use of their bikes in Barcelona and Valencia, with the exclusive promo code “Mumabroad”.

Riding Towards a Greener Urban Future 

Whether you’re weaving through the streets of Barcelona or cruising along Valencia’s coastline, Cityflow ensures you do it sustainably and in style.

Currently free for readers who opt for an advertising display on their bikes and otherwise accessible for a nominal fee, Cityflow is an invitation to embrace greener transportation while enjoying personal mobility in the city. 

We sat down with Gerard Flores, the 23-year-old CEO of Cityflow, to delve deeper into this intriguing concept and understand the vision behind the concept. 

How did Cityflow begin its journey? 

Three young guys crossed paths in the heart of Barcelona at the innovative 42 School. Alongside my colleagues, I envisioned a world with sustainable, efficient, and affordable transportation. We dream about a world where transportation is not just efficient but also sustainable and pocket-friendly. Cityflow is turning that dream into a reality.

What makes Cityflow’s bike subscription stand out? 

Cityflow isn’t offering just another bike; it’s a lifestyle choice. For a mere 10€/month, individuals can subscribe to a Cityflow bike. However, those open to having their bicycle serve as an advertisement platform can ride around for free using the code “Mumabroad” at checkout! 

Are there any add-ons to enhance the experience? 

Absolutely! For an added 10€/month, Cityflow manages the complete maintenance of the bike. We ensure our riders have a seamless experience. From routine checks to addressing specific concerns, we’re here for them.


How does Cityflow prioritise security? 

Each Cityflow bicycle comes fortified with an anti-theft lock, an alarm and comprehensive theft insurance. Our users’ peace of mind is paramount. Whether it’s parked outside a café in Barcelona or near a beach in Valencia, we want our riders to be free of theft anxieties. 

Who’s backing this revolutionary idea? 

Cityflow’s ingenious approach caught the attention of the Lanzadera accelerator, championed by Juan Roig of Mercadona fame. Being recognised and supported by industry giants amplifies our commitment and widens our horizons.

How can readers access their complimentary Cityflow bike? 

To join the Cityflow brigade: 

  1. Head to (or download via the App Store or Play Store).
  2. Select your bike preference (with or without ads).
  3. Don’t forget to add the exclusive code “Mumabroad” for an unbeatable deal!


Every journey with Cityflow is not just about reaching a destination; it’s about embracing a sustainable future, one pedal at a time.

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