Holy Mary British Catholic School, Madrid

February 21, 2018 | Madrid, Madrid education, Schools Madrid, Spain

Holy Mary British Catholic School caters for children aged two to eighteen years old. The school follows the British curriculum and is committed to the success of each and every one of their students, installing strong Catholic values of respect, tolerance and good behaviour alongside the British Education system to ensure all can reach their true potential. All the teachers offering the British programmes of study are trained in the UK and Ireland and with UK National Curriculum teaching experience. All students are exposed to a variety of formative and summative assessments that occur throughout the school year from Early Years Foundation Stage to Key Stage 4, which helps the school to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the students and to provide base data against which we measure progress. All children are monitored and challenged through a wide variety of external assessments which include the Early Years Learning Goals, GL Assessments battery, CEM/Durham and subsequently, and more formally iGCSEs and A Levels.


Holy Mary British Catholic School teaches the English national curriculum to students aged 2 – 18 years old. All teachers teaching English language programmes of study have been trained and qualified in the UK or Ireland.

The school offers iGCSE examinations, as well A Levels since 2018. The school also helps native Spanish students to apply to Spanish universities by studying two extra Spanish-language subjects. For a non-selective school, students achieved strong A Level results in the 2020-21 academic year with 90% of grades between A* – C.

The school has a strong Catholic ethic, with faith at the heart of all it does. Its website states ‘We celebrate and wear our Catholic faith as a badge of honour and identity and we strive to become like the best teacher of them all, Jesus Christ.’

Fees & Admissions

The school encourages all parents to make an appointment to visit the school, but the first step is to request information by filling in the online form on the school’s Admissions page.

The school does not make its fees public.


Holy Mary British Catholic School is located near the Ciudad Jardin area of Madrid, and is a 15-20-minute drive from the city centre.

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Recommended by:

Samblas Quintana

Contact Details:

 / www.holymary.es
Infants: C/ de Condes del Val, 12, 28036 Madrid / +34 91 458 59 09
Junior & Secondary: C/ de Cinca, 20, 28002 Madrid / +34 91 287 27 52

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  1. MumAbroad says:

    Holy Mary has created a familiar environment where my son feels confident, knows exactly what is expected of him, and receives daily encouragement that makes him desire to be a better student and person. A big part of my son’s life is cultivated in school and that means effective communication between home and school is crucial for his development and education. Holy Mary pays great detail to this aspect to the point in which we punctually receive information about school events, periodical reports, and we are informed daily about how Ángel spends his time in school. They also provide many ways for me to communicate with the school staff about any events regarding our son. To give an example of how effective this communication is, I would like to mention something that happened to my son. Last October, he had to go through a surgical intervention, which kept him away from school for a month. Throughout this time, Holy Mary kept us fully informed about the work which were been done in class in his absence and gave us sources to help our son in his proper return.

    The academic aspects of Holy Mary have also surpassed our expectations. The school has established a system in which each child’s effort is valued, giving them the desire to improve. Reception children receive homework every day, which is not only a useful way for us to see their improvements daily and involve ourselves in their formation, but also a way to help our children create study habits which will prepare them for many years to come. Holy Mary completes its curricular classes with a variety of extracurricular activities that aid in rounding off the formation of our children. Among the many activities that are available are the computer club, which reinforces our children’s contact with new technologies, different sports clubs that enable them to value effort and teamwork, and literature and art clubs. The school also organise periodically conferences for parents in which they talk about relevant aspects in the education of our children. (Samblas Quintana)

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