Hospital Dénia Marina Salud

September 8, 2017 | Costa Blanca, Healthcare, Maternity Services, Spain, Valencia & Costa Blanca

Marina Salud is a comprehensive health organization that provides a public health service with universal access, with a private management model involving leading companies at global, national and regional levels. This warm and friendly clinic offers all pre/postnatal care and childbirth facilities.





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Contact Details: Partida Beniadla, S/N, 03700 Denia, / +34 966 429 000 / /

2 responses to “Hospital Dénia Marina Salud”

  1. MumAbroad says:

    The facilities are excellent.. Natural childbirth is promoted but epidurals are available, There is no gas and air or other pain relief available. There are plenty of experienced and caring staff. Once you have given birth you are given your own private room on the maternity ward which are spacious and air conditioned. You also have your own private en-suite bathroom. The room is well equipped with ample room for you, baby and guests. There is a sofa bed so daddy can stay too! For further information visit the hospital or speak to your midwife at your local clinic. The hospital facilities are available to anyone with a valid SIP card please remember that there is no guarantee the staff will speak English. (Sara Kinge)

  2. MumAbroad says:

    I had an emergency c section 6 weeks early and they were amazing and saved my daughter’s life. The midwife spoke to me in English but I think that was because it was so quick and stressful! After care was amazing but mostly in Spanish but when I was unsure some doctors and nurses tried to speak English. I cant praise them enough. (Maria)

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