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Kensington School, Barcelona

Kensington School was founded in 1966 to provide a British education to the international community in Barcelona. Its current size is 250 students between the ages of 3 and 18. The school is academically non-selective, it achieves remarkable examination results at both GCSE and Advanced Level. This is due to the dedication of its teachers and the small class sizes which allow pupils of all abilities to develop their full potential. Apart from Spanish and French, all lessons are taught in English and follow the National Curriculum of England and Wales. Fluency in English is important to access the curriculum so support is provided for those needing additional help to improve their linguistic capacity. Kensington School graduates gain access to prestigious universities all around the world with the majority reading for degrees in the United Kingdom. The school encourages a friendly atmosphere and promotes a common sense approach to behaviour and learning, thereby stimulating motivation for study. The aim is to achieve a high level of understanding, independent reasoning and cooperation between staff and pupils.
Language of instruction: English
Other languages: Spanish, French

Contact Details:

C/dels Cavallers, 31– 33, 08034 Barcelona / +34 93 203 54 57 /

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