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May 7, 2024 | Activities, Madrid, Spain

Immersive Hands-on English Summer Day Camp in Madrid

Styled after a traditional American day camp where kids engage in a variety of activities throughout the week culminating with Food Friday where they prepare a recipe to take home and enjoy with their family. Kids English Club takes you into a world where language comes alive! Their immersive Hands-on English programme is where linguistic exploration meets personalised service.

With Kids English Club, language acquisition is not a task—it’s an adventure! Through a series of hands-on mini workshops conducted entirely in English, participants delve into the realms of science, participating in exciting experiments and projects. Their unique approach fosters linguistic immersion, ensuring every interaction propels campers further along their language journey.

Their summer  camp isn’t just about learning; it’s about experiencing. From captivating arts and crafts activities to dynamic interactive games, every moment is designed to ignite creativity and a passion for language. With the lush surroundings of CD Brezo providing the backdrop for outdoor activities, campers can breathe in the fresh air while expanding their linguistic horizons.

The personalised approach ensures that every camper receives individualised attention, tailored to their specific linguistic needs. Whether it’s honing storytelling skills, perfecting pronunciation, or simply having fun, our dedicated team is committed to guiding each camper on their unique language journey.

Each week, a new theme sets the stage for exploration, allowing children to strengthen their English expression in a variety of contexts. From adventurous tales to scientific discoveries, every theme offers a rich tapestry of language opportunities, all woven together with creativity and care.

At the heart of it all lies their commitment to educational excellence. Every activity is meticulously crafted to reinforce vocabulary and language usage, aligning with the highest educational standards for bilingual and multilingual learners.

With this Hands On English programme, the world becomes a playground for linguistic discovery, and every camper is empowered to reach new heights of language proficiency.

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