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January 31, 2018 | Baby & Toddler, Bordeaux, France, Lyon, Maternity Services, Montpellier, Nice, Paris, Rennes, Strasbourg, Toulouse

La Leche League International is an international nonprofit organization that distributes information on and promotes breastfeeding. It was founded in 1956 in Franklin Park, Illinois as “La Leche League” and has a presence in sixty-eight countries. Each month facilitators lead informal meetings sharing information on breastfeeding and mothering, where you can talk about the experience of motherhood, breastfeeding, birth, life with a newborn, a toddler etc.
They are open to anyone who is interested in breastfeeding. Check the website for more details and locations.

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  1. MumAbroad says:

    La Leche League is famous world round for the help and support it offers mums in breastfeeding their newborns. They hold various groups for new mums and it is a lovely way to meet both local and international families. (Rebecca Laidlaw)

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