Learnlife Barcelona Urban Hub is an English-speaking, state-of-the-art learning community in the centre of Barcelona. It’s the first in a worldwide network of learning hubs meant to accelerate change in existing education models through personal, purpose-based learning for children aged 8-18+.

Read this statement by Cristopher Pommerening, founder and CEO of Learnlife: 

“Many in education would agree that the system needs a shake-up. By 2030, it is predicted that 800m people could be displaced by automation and 65% of today’s youth will need to find or create work in areas that do not yet exist. In the context of an ever-changing world and a need to continually upskill, lifelong learning leads to a heightened sense of personal fulfilment and happiness, as well as increased employability. “By focusing on personal learning driven by purpose and passions – exploring new competencies and enabling learners to develop self-awareness and emotional intelligence – our learners are able to prepare themselves and adapt to whatever the future will bring. We believe that collaborative learning communities will become the problem-solving champions in a world where agility, creativity and social innovation will be needed in order to solve future challenges.”


Learnlife Barcelona offers full-time programmes as well as afternoon, Saturdays and summer programmes.

The main three programmes are as follows:

  • Urban Learning, ages 11-18: Embark on personal growth and passion- and studio-based projects with our Barcelona Urban Programmes.
  • Learn in Nature, ages 6-11: Develop roots for learning with our beach and forest-based programmes.
  • Home-based learning, ages 8-18+: Learn from wherever you call home. Join a community of learners from anywhere in the world.


Learnlife Barcelona is located in the central Eixample district of Barcelona, and is a 15 minute walk from the city centre.


On the hub’s FAQ section of their website, Learnlife explains there is a one time inscription fee of €800, and yearly tuition is €8,000 that can be paid in 10 monthly instalments of €800 (VAT included) from September to June. Families who choose to pay the full amount up front are eligible for a 10% discount. Afternoon programs at Learnlife Barcelona are priced on a program-by-program basis, and can be viewed by following the above course links.

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Or watch the video below to learn more about Learnlife Barcelona:

Contact Details:

 C/ d´Enrique Granados 7, Barcelona / support@learnlife.com / +34  684 027 761


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