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Looking for a Nanny in Barcelona?

nannyline_profile_pastelThe Nanny Line (TNL) is a young and professional international nanny agency in Barcelona. It was founded by a young woman with a passion for working with children. After her work with troubled families in Amsterdam, Josi van Ogtrop – Sambou began to focus on nurturing happy and healthy children in a positive environment. TNL is about making child care a serious business with highly educated, qualified and enthusiastic nannies, who love taking care of children. Josi has a Bachelor Degree in Social Work and is certified in Family Therapy (FFPS). Josi was a nanny for more than 10 years in the Netherlands and is now the “nanny’s nanny” in Barcelona.

All of our nannies have a Bachelor Degree, most of them in Social Studies and are First Aid qualified.  We have a small team of caring and dedicated nannies who are also trained to teach children and help develop the children’s increasingly important English language skills. All the nannies are fluent in English, most of them are native speakers and certified teachers (TEFL). We have Italian, French, Dutch, German and Russian speaking nannies.

It’s important for us that the nannies are comfortable with the family they’re working with and with the agency. So they can deliver their best work to ensure the children are actually happy and healthy. We specialize in English and international nannies, who are all trained to adjust to the family’s parenting style. This way there is no need for the children to adjust to a different style of parenting, making them feel comfortable and at home with their new nanny from day one.

We’re in close contact with our families and have learned that there is demand for a couple of new concepts which we’re excited to launch; “NANNY SHARING” and “THE NIGHT NANNY”.

nanny-lineWe want the best nannies to be available to you, regardless of your budget. Nanny Sharing is our budget friendly option for groups of parents who value a qualified nanny and crave some free time for themselves! A nanny can babysit for you and two friends while you attend Spanish class, do the grocery run, or simply grab a coffee. Nanny Sharing is an economical yet sensible and safe option for just €7.50 per child per hour; high quality at low cost.

The Night Nanny service makes sure you can enjoy a night of blissful sleep while the nanny takes care of your new-born, baby or young child.  She can even prepare the baby’s food for the day and rustle up breakfast for when you wake up, creating a stress-free start to the day. It’s important for the whole family that everybody has a good night’s sleep. That’s why the night nanny is the perfect solution for every young family. But, there are more reasons to choose this option. Whether you have a night out with friends, you need sleep to travel or you have a romantic night away with your partner, the night nanny ensures you don’t need to worry about your little angel.

Besides our special concepts, we have our regular nannies who can be booked for an hour, a day, part time, full time, anytime! Take a look at some success stories on our new website and book a nanny you can trust in minutes – easy peasy. No need to feel guilty anymore as our nannies are experts in making sure your child feels happy and healthy.  Check out the profiles and select the nanny who is the best fit for your family and needs. TNL does the hard work for you, all our nannies are screened, interviewed, background and references checked, with only the best candidates being offered positions.  Additionally, The Nanny Line also works with psychologists for parental advice, a sleeping coach, a massage therapist, a concierge service and an English doctor service, relocation agencies – all to give your family peace of mind.

Never worry about availability in the neighbourhood or your regular nanny becoming ill; we will always have options for you. The hourly rate will be discussed between yourselves and your chosen nanny with a minimum of €8,00 per hour. The Nanny Line is fully insured and available to chat whenever you need us. Nannies are available in central Barcelona and surrounding areas such as Sitges, Sant Cugat and the Maresme. Become a member of  The Nanny Line for only €9,95 per month and use our service as often as you need.


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