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Lope de Vega International School

Lope de Vega International School is a bilingual private centre with a Students Residence open the whole year. In Infant Education 70% of classes are taught in English. Children learn the English language naturally with the reading and writing methodology used in the United Kingdom. The Primary and Secondary Education programmes are taught in English and Spanish with French added in the first year of secondary. Secondary also students take part in the European Erasmus Programme in collaboration with schools and colleges in other countries. It is at this stage that they are able to start the Dual Baccalaureate consisting of the Spanish qualification and US “High School Diploma”.

Contact Details:

Avda. Doctor Severo Ochoa 9, 03503 Benidorm / +34 965 854 150 / contacto@lopedevega.es / www.lopedevega.es

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