Lycée Victor Hugo, Florence

March 1, 2018 | Italy, Schools Tuscany Umbria, Tuscany & Umbria, Tuscany & Umbria education

The Lycée Victor Hugo is a trilingual school based on the French national curriculum for pupils aged 3-18 in Florence, Italy.


The Lycée Victor Hugo (École française de Florence) serves levels maternelle (preschool) through terminale, the final year of lycée (senior high school) of the French national curricululm. The school also offers French, English and Italian language learning from preschool for all children. English language learning is accredited by the Cambridge International educational body, which can provide language certificates from C2 to A1.

More information about the school’s trilingual project can be found on the website, in French and Italian only.

The school is part of the Agency for French Education Abroad, which is a government body that regulates French schools abroad.


School fees range from €6,530 to €9,045 annually. A list of costs and tuition fees can be found here (in Italian).


The school’s lycee is located in the palace once known as the Palazzo Venturi Ginori, built in 1498. The gardens were redone in a British style in 1861. The school is based in the heart of Florence, and is a 15-minute walk from the city centre.

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Contact Details:

Palazzo Venturi Ginori, Via della Scala, 85, 50123 Firenze / +39 055 266 991 / /

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