July 9, 2020 | Baby & Toddler, Spain, Valencia

Musicorum is a fantastic music school with venues in Valencia and La Eliana offering programs for children of all ages, starting from before baby is born with their prenatal workshops for pregnant women. Musicorum’s level 1 classes are designed for tiny newborns from 0 to 12 months, level 2 for little ones between 12 and 24 months, and level 3 for older tots over 2 years old. 

In groups of maximum 8 people, each class starts with a welcome song followed by singing and dancing, playing musical instruments, listening to music and relaxing. Classes last 30 minutes which is the optimal length children’s shorter attention span at this age. The school also offers music therapy and sessions for children with special educational needs.

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La Eliana: Avenida Bonavista 63. Urb. Hendaya / Valencia: Calle Marqués de Bellet 21 bajo / (+34) 96 272 59 83 / (+34) 617 736 054 /

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