Quiz nights, movie nights and current affairs; not your average online Spanish classes

January 7, 2021 | Blog, Education, Holidays & Travel

High Standards of teaching, a wide choice of courses, online support and learning resources, a flexible approach and monthly pub quizzes in Spanish make ¡Vamos! – Let’s Learn Spanish, a popular choice for online Spanish classes.



You offer all levels of classes from beginners to advanced. How do you assess a new student’s level?

Yes, we teach at every level of the Common European Framework (CEFR) and we have a guide detailing each level on our website. Where relevant we encourage new students to take our 10-minute online test and/or speak to our expert team over the phone to ensure they join the right course.

But if not we can always change courses after lesson 1.



Fun activities include cooking classes.


Are your teachers all qualified native speakers?

Yes, we have an experienced team of around 35 teachers, all of whom are native speakers qualified in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. Many of our teachers have been at ¡Vamos! for several years and contribute to the school’s on-going, internal support and training. This year we have created inventive ways to bring our community together with extra fun learning activities, including cooking classes in Spanish, which ensure students enjoy the fun classroom experience that make our school so popular.

For those wanting to learn some basic Spanish for travelling what do you offer?

Our Survival Spanish courses for A1 and A2 are perfect for travellers. They focus on speaking and cover some of the essential topics for travel such as accommodation, restaurants, shopping and transport. Students learn the communicative Spanish skills for practical situations and improve their confidence in dealing with everyday life in Spain.

You have a book club for those interested in Spanish and South American literature. What level of Spanish do students need for this?

Our Book Club is aimed at advanced (B2+) students and explores the rich literary culture of Spain and Latin America. Over a 14-week period, we discuss three masterpieces of literature in Spanish. Students with a lower level can visit our Vamos Blog for an introduction to the literary culture of Spain.

Do you have courses especially adapted for children and young learners?

We recently launched our young learner courses for GCSE and A level. They’re fun and interactive and aligned to the school curriculum for AQA and Edexcel exam boards. Our students enjoy learning from their teacher and each other in a friendly class environment and our well-structured and rigorously prepared courses give them the confidence they need to boost their grades.

What policy do you have in place for safeguarding children while learning online?

We understand the importance of safeguarding, especially when it comes to children and young adults. We follow guidelines from the main legal framework and update our policies and procedures regularly. All our teachers are DBS checked and have a basic safeguarding awareness training that is refreshed once a year. We have a Designated Safeguarding Lead and Safeguarding Person to support our staff in their safeguarding duties. We also have online safety guidance for our teachers and students.

Parents can visit our dedicated page to find out more about our policies and processes in place to ensure that children study in a safe and fun learning environment.


Online classes

What makes ¡Vamos! stand out from other online Spanish schools?

We say ‘it’s the fun and motivation that make our Spanish courses unique’ and more than 9,000 students have learnt Spanish with us. What makes our school stand out is a combination of our high standards of teaching and friendly, sociable atmosphere, our wide choice and continuity of courses, and our uniquely flexible approach.



You offer free classes on a Friday to existing students. Can you tell us more about those?

Each of our free online classes is an hour of fun activities with lots of speaking covering everything from Spanish films to current affairs to quiz nights. They’re a fun way for our students to interact with each other, improve their Spanish, and test their knowledge of Spanish and Latin American culture.

How would you describe ¡Vamos! in 3 words?

Friendly, flexible, fun.

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