Ombrosa International School, Lyon

Ombrosa is a private, bilingual, international school which operates within the French national system of education. Students can follow the French national curriculum and take the French Baccalaureate or can follow an international curriculum leading to IGCSEs  and the International Baccalaureate. The largest of the 3 schools is on the campus of Lyon-Caluire which offers nursery education right through to the final year of secondary school. There is also a school in the 6th district of Lyon for nursery school children. A school bus service connects the 2 sites. There is also a school in Savoie, located half way between Chambéry and Aix les Bains, and another school at Bourget du Lac, overlooking the Alps.

Contact Details:
The Nursery: 50 rue Vendôme, 69006 Lyon / +33 4 78 93 71 00
Ombrosa: 95 quai Clémenceau, 69300 Caluire / +33 4 78 23 22 63
Ecole Bilingue de Savoie: rue Centrale, 73420 Voglans / +33 4 79 54 48 86
Collège Multilingue de Savoie, Sentier de la grande Roche, Route des Catons, 73 370 Le Bourget du Lac / +33 4 79 85 64 26

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