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January 11, 2024 | Blog, Home & Relocation

Andrew Perkins moved to Valencia with his wife and young son at the start of 2023. Being new to the city, the family decided to work with local relocation agent Laurence Lemoine of Valencia Expat Services, to help guide them through the move to Spain step-by-step. 

We spoke with Andrew about his experiences of working with Laurence and why he would recommend working with a local relocation agent like Valencia Expat Services when moving abroad. 


Relocation Services Valencia Case Study


Where are you and your family originally from?

Giovanna is Italian from Rovigo (quite close to Venice) and I am from London. Our two-year-old son Juno was born in the UK and our six-month-old daughter Mila was born in Valencia.

When did you first move to Valencia and what brought you here? 

We came initially for a week in December 2022 and then moved permanently in January 2023. We wanted to escape Brexit Britain so that our children could grow up in a family-friendly city and have a Spanish and European outlook.

After a lot of research, Valencia ticked all our boxes – a small city with good connections, safe and gentle, rich in culture, environmentally conscious, near the sea, good health systems, good education, cosmopolitan and tolerant.


Moving to Valencia


How would you describe your overall experience of moving abroad?

Exhilarating, exciting and scary – we are very very happy with our choices and decisions.

Why did you choose to work with a relocation agency and which services did you use?

We wanted expert and empathetic advice and guidance to help us to gain a foothold- when came over for our week in December 2022 and with guidance from Laurence at Valencia Expat Services, we were able to open a local bank account, find a great apartment to live in and a fantastic, simple local, and caring nursery school for Juno. Then when we arrived in January, Laurence and her team helped us with our residency paperwork, driving license and healthcare.

What were the benefits of working with Valencia Expat Services?

Having someone on your side. Professional expertise and fantastic ad hoc care and advice whenever we have asked questions.

What has the biggest challenge been during the process of moving and settling in the city? Have there been any unexpected pitfalls?

Not really – some bureaucratic frustrations but Laurence has guided us through these seamlessly.

How would you sum up the quality of life in Valencia?

Extraordinarily high quality- great services but also great markets, bars and restaurants. The central park is wonderful and our son is extremely happy at school but also with day-to-day life. 



Have you found it easy to meet people and find a community there?

I think this is a gradual and evolving process- we have several friends from Juno’s nursery school and our circle will grow as we become more established. 

What are your absolute favourite things about living in Valencia?

The Turia on a Saturday morning. The Rusaffa market early in the day. Our son’s nursery school. The variety of restaurants. The blue sky and the purple haze.



Would you recommend Valencia Expat Services and why?

I would absolutely recommend them – every time. Friendly, reassuring and professional expertise.

Do you have any words of wisdom for someone considering moving to Valencia (or abroad in general)?

  1. Appoint Laurence and her business to support and guide you.
  2. Choose your apartment carefully in terms of location.
  3. Be open-minded and relax into society.
  4. Explore the city as much as you can – get a bike or just walk and breathe in the sights, sounds and smells.
  5. Embrace all the festivals in Valencia with joy and relish.


Out and about in Valencia


About Valencia Expat Services:

Laurence Lemoine really loves Valencia. She offers an array of professional relocation services whether you are a family, a company or arriving as a student. Laurence’s enthusiasm and in-depth local knowledge of Valencia gives her a serious advantage in helping you with all aspects of your move. 

Valencia Expat Services takes care of the practical aspects of a relocation, leaving you to focus on settling in and enjoying your new lifestyle in Valencia. Here are some of the packages they offer: 

Pass Discover:

If you’re considering embarking on a new chapter of life in Spain, but have some doubts or questions about what a move would look like, Laurence’s Pass Discover is ideal to help you understand the fundamentals and start to fall in love with Valencia yourself.

Pass Installation: 

This pre-arrival service helps you set up the different aspects of your move for a smooth arrival. Valencia Expat Services can help you find accommodation and assist with administrative procedures including the (at times overwhelming) Spanish bureaucracy when moving to Valencia. 

Pass Pro:

An incredibly useful service for entrepreneurs looking to set up a new company or transfer their existing business to Valencia, Laurence and her team can provide you with expert advice and the latest information on setting up a business in Valencia.


As well as the above, Laurence can tailor her services to your specific circumstances. Whether you’re in the planning stages or have already arrived in Valencia, her team can assist with finding schools, settling in and saving you time and money along the way.


Get in touch with Valencia Expat Services to find out more.

Contact Details:

Phone in France: +33 970469979
Phone in Spain: +34 676 780 053

Carrer de Gregori Mayans 3 46005 Valencia


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