Teatro Circo Price

October 2, 2017 | Activities, Madrid, Spain

The Price is many spaces in a single space. An unusual meeting place for the performing arts, the only building in Spain able to accommodate circus arts, from traditional acts to the most avant-garde. Open all year round.






Recommended by Mimi

Contact Details: Ronda de Atocha 35, 28012 Madrid / +34 915 279 865 / teatrocircoprice@gmail.comwww.teatrocircoprice.es

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  1. MumAbroad says:

    Were you can see a lot of variety of shows: magic, circus, music, theater, etc. The place resembes a Circus big top but the space is huge. We enjoyed the beautiful and amazing Christmas show! We were very happy with the purchase. We got front row seats and it was the best experience ever! Even my 15 month old baby enjoyed every minute of the show! I would recommend this show for all ages. It’s a must see! (Mimi)

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