The Best Places to Visit in Sicily with Kids 

April 9, 2024 | Blog, Holidays & Travel

With its blend of attractions and activities suitable for families, Sicily is one of Italy’s most child-friendly destinations. From its beautiful beaches and charming coastal towns to historical sites like Mount Etna and the Valley of the Temples, there’s plenty to engage and entertain children of all ages. Moreover, the region’s local cuisine, including pizza and gelato, will appeal to young palates.

If you need recommendations on where to go, here are some of the best places to visit in Sicily with kids.

1. Taormina


Taormina, Sicily is good for kids


Nestled on the stunning cliffs of the Sicilian coastline, Taormina’s rich history, vibrant culture, and natural beauty, make it an ideal destination for a family vacation. The town’s picturesque setting, with panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and the imposing Mount Etna, provides a captivating backdrop for spending quality time with your kids. Moreover, Taormina’s pedestrian-friendly streets and charming piazzas create a safe and welcoming environment for you and your kids to wander.

One of the highlights of your family holiday in Taormina is exploring the ancient Greek Theatre, where your kids can learn about history while marvelling at the well-preserved ruins. Take your kids to the nearby Isola Bella, a small island nature reserve accessible by a narrow strip of land, where you can swim, snorkel, and explore tidal pools, perfect for your little adventurers.

To immerse in the local culture, stroll through Taormina’s vibrant markets, sampling local delicacies such as arancini (rice balls) and gelato. Enjoy a scenic Taormina Cable Car ride, where you can marvel at breathtaking ocean views. It also provides easy access to the beaches below, where you can relax and enjoy the sun and sea with your kids.

2. Mount Etna


Mount Etna, Sicily a stunning place to see with children


Exploring Mount Etna is an unforgettable adventure best shared with your kids. It provides a combination of excitement, education, and natural wonder that will captivate your little ones. As one of the most active volcanoes in the world, Mount Etna provides a unique opportunity to witness the forces of nature in action while learning about volcanic geology and Sicilian history.

Families can embark on memorable guided tours in Sicily that will take them to Mount Etna. These tours offer safe and informative exploration of the volcano’s fascinating landscapes and geological wonders. Your kids will surely enjoy marvelling at the lunar-like landscapes of lava fields and craters while learning about the volcano’s fascinating formation and eruptions through interactive exhibits and informative guides.

Consider taking a thrilling cable car ride and off-road vehicle excursion to reach higher elevations of Mount Etna, where you will be greeted with panoramic views of the Sicilian countryside and the coastline. For the more adventurous families, embark on guided hikes to explore hidden caves, sulphur vents, and ancient lava flows. It’s an immersive experience guaranteed to make your family holiday to Sicily more enjoyable.

3. Siracusa


Siracusa, Sicily


Take your kids to Siracusa, a picturesque city along the Ionian coast, renowned for its captivating architecture and coastal charm. The city’s UNESCO-listed historical centre, Ortigia Island, offers a pedestrian-friendly environment perfect for strolling with kids and discovering its stunning Baroque buildings, charming piazzas, and picturesque alleyways.

Discover Siracusa’s rich history by visiting attractions like the ancient Greek theatre, where your kids can imagine the performances of bygone eras. Visit the Ear of Dionysius nearby, a limestone cave with remarkable acoustics, which provides a fascinating and interactive exploration with the kids.

Stroll through Ortigia’s waterfront promenade, boasting panoramic views of the Ionian Sea, and stop by for gelato indulgences and family-friendly dining experiences at local trattorias. For a change of scenery, explore the Neapolis Archaeological Park, home to impressive Greek and Roman ruins, including the Roman Amphitheatre and the Latomie del Paradiso, ancient quarries that captivate young minds.

If you want to relax, visit Siracusa’s sandy beaches, such as Fontane Bianche and Arenella, perfect for family relaxation and seaside fun, with shallow waters, safe for your kids to splash around.

4. Palermo


Palermo, Sicily some shaded areas for children to explore


Exploring Palermo is a delightful adventure for families visiting Sicily. There are some great things to do and see here, ensuring there’s something for every family member to enjoy. If you’re fond of history, delve into the city’s ancient past with visits to iconic landmarks, such as the Palazzo dei Normanni, home to the stunning Palatine Chapel with its intricate Byzantine mosaics.

To immerse in the local culture, visit the bustling markets of Ballarò and Vucciria. Providing a sensory-rich experience, your kids can sample local delicacies and witness the vibrant hustle and bustle of Sicilian daily life in these markets.

Escape the city’s heat and tourist crowd by venturing into the peaceful gardens of Villa Giulia or taking a relaxing stroll along the palm-lined waterfront promenade of Foro Italico. Moreover, Palermo’s proximity to beautiful beaches such as Mondello and Cefalù provides opportunities for sun-soaked relaxation and water activities.

Palermo has a vibrant culinary scene that will make your visit more delightful. Here, you can indulge in a mouth-watering array of Sicilian specialities, from arancini to cannoli, providing delicious discoveries for even the pickiest of eaters.

5. Catania


Catania, Sicily


Take the chance to explore Catania on your trip to Sicily with the kids. The city boasts fascinating ancient ruins, Baroque architecture, and bustling markets, best explored with your little ones.

Embark on a historical journey by visiting landmarks like the Roman Amphitheatre and the imposing Castello Ursino, where your kids can learn about ancient times while exploring the well-preserved ruins and exhibits. Check out the iconic Piazza del Duomo. With its stunning Cathedral and historic Elephant Fountain, it provides a picturesque backdrop for family photos and scenic strolls.

Get a taste of Sicilian culture by wandering through the lively streets of the historic centre, where colourful markets like La Pescheria offer a feast for the senses with fresh seafood, fruits, and local delicacies. Moreover, Catania’s proximity to Mount Etna allows adventurous families to explore Europe’s highest active volcano through guided tours and excursions.

Stay in beautiful Sicilian villas where you can experience the warmth of Italian hospitality. Catania is also home to some of Sicily’s most beautiful beaches, such as Playa di Catania and Playa di San Giovanni Li Cuti. Both are ideal spots for family relaxation and seaside fun, with shallow waters perfect for children to swim and play.

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